I have been taking pictures since about 1974 and I continue to be fascinated by the people, design, and beauty around me today. Thank you RuthAnn McKinney and Norman Smith for getting me interested in and excited about photography when I was 15 years old. It shapes my life every day. And a very big thank you to my parents who were so supportive.

I hope you like what I do. If you would like to purchase an image, or commission one, please contact me at: dvgofaz@gmail.com


And there is this music thing.. I took guitar lessons at 16. Bob Alspaugh taught me to play chords and sing “Song Sung Blue’. (Thanks again, mom, for paying for lessons!)
I wrote my first songs at 17 and thankfully I can’t remember any of them and the legal pads I used are long gone. Some things should not leave any evidence.
One night my wife and I attended a music event and she poked me in the ribs and said ‘you could do that..” It was her idea for me to get back to making music. So after a 40 year hiatus I dusted off my guitar, got my callouses back, and the juices started to flow again.

I try to be original but let’s face it. All the chords and melodies have been done before by someone, someplace. All the words have been used before too. I think being original and having your own sound starts with with accepting that and not fighting it. Free your mind from what other people have done and concentrate on writing and singing what’s in your heart and your head.

I’ll post a few songs here, and I hope you like them.