i am an only child. At 60 years old i still wonder how that has shaped my life. I think about that today because in our travels we have now moved to a really popular tourist spot on the Maine coast, Old Orchard Beach(OOB).

Just a few blocks from our campground are the beaches and the amusement park. What a change from the last few weeks of wooded state parks and large open spaces. Here, I can walk a few minutes to all manner of vendors hawking beer and corn dogs and bad t-shirts. It’s Maine, so there is seafood to be had too, but I’m leery. The last seafood I ate was i n a small blue collar waterfront town and I could see the boat that brought me my dinner. The restaurants here in OOB feel impersonal, disconnected from the labor of the catch and the bounty of the sea outside the windows.

I decided to go see the beach early in the morning and it’s very pleasant. The revelers of last night are gone, and I’m in the company of a few folks who appreciate the whooosh of the ocean at sunrise unaccompanied by 70’s cover bands or merry-go-round music.

My favorite places on this trip have been the peaceful ones. Especially a foggy day at Marshall Point lighthouse. I think we spent 3 hours there; we just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave. We listened to the rumble of a fishing boat just out of sight in the mist working a lobster trap line. The fog was thick and the light shone like a portable sun trapped in the Fresnel lens. I found myself wishing I was out on the boat hauling lines and emptying traps on the deck. Life is hard for lobster-men, it’s a dumb wish, but then again I am an unapologetic romantic. I think it would be an honest use of my hands and back, at least until it gave me an equally honest back ache.

4 feet high and risin..

It’s raining. Again. For the 5th day in a row. It’s raining hard..I overheard a Pennsylvania farmer talking in a store and he said it was ‘raining like a cow pissin on a flat rock..’. Yeah, like that. Dairy farmers have a way of saying things I guess.

Before the ‘days of deluge’ started we drove around the countryside and marveled at the green. I mean GREEN like Ireland is green. The last time I saw this many shades of a color I was hallucinating. (at least that’s what I was told. Never accept a glass of kool-aid from a guy named Timothy Leary) Anyway, the green would not be this amazing without all the water falling from the sky to feed it so I’ll stop complaining and go back to my book. I did a nice picture of the green, and the lake between storms.


I expect to see stranger things in my travels but this was a good first photo-op stop. I missed the chance to pull over and shoot a similar ‘buried car art’ installation in Texas where the sort-of-famous buried Cadillacs live, so I was not going to pass up the chance to gawk at this thing. The weather was a more interesting backdrop in Oklahoma anyway(“Oklahoma is OK!”) . Apparently if you half bury cars in the dirt people will stop to take pictures.

On a side note, there had been tornado warnings yesterday, and I was joined in my exploration by several carloads of storm chasers. Several NOAH vehicles were in the area too, driving around with their radar and sensors looking for twisters. Constant winds and crosswinds in 30mph + range made towing ‘Hilton’ the Airstream a bit more interesting than usual.

Alls’s well that ends well, it was steaks and adult libations at a KOA near Oklahoma City.

on the road..

Here we sit in New Mexico at Caballo Lake State Park. We arrived yesterday during a haboob that nearly took us off the highway, and even worse it filled the world around me with pollen. An underwhelming start to our trip.

I remain optimistic,; the wind is down, the sun is out, and I’m next to water. Time for a breakfast smoothie and a trip to the lake shore.

On being responsible..

It was cold last night. And rainy. Which meant that it was snowing up on the mountains and would be beautiful the next morning.

And this morning it was even more gorgeous than I anticipated.

And I was torn.

Should I be a grown up and keep on driving to work at 630?? Or….listen to the artist yelling in my head “play hookey and go make pictures before the snow disappears!”.

So 20 minutes later there I sat in the office looking up at the snow, feeling like a grown up. Am I not passionate enough about photography? Or is it that am I even more passionate about being a responsible team mate and co-worker to my friends?


Wow. Another birthday. A big one.

I remember being in my 20s and I was certain I would not live to see 40. At 40 I didn’t give myself much of a chance to get past my 50s.

And tomorrow I complete my 60th orbit of the sun. I feel pressure to set goals, to make a life change as I step out on the first day of my 61st orbit. I feel like ‘Ok, day one of your 61st year, it’s time to get serious about life.” But, haven’t I been? I don’t think so…

I AM happy that I’m still here but I confess the addition of aches and pains into my day isn’t so welcome. I’m sure exercise and a better diet (and more water, why oh why is it so hard to drink more life giving water?!) will help. I’ll try that.