I expect to see stranger things in my travels but this was a good first photo-op stop. I missed the chance to pull over and shoot a similar ‘buried car art’ installation in Texas where the sort-of-famous buried Cadillacs live, so I was not going to pass up the chance to gawk at this thing. The weather was a more interesting backdrop in Oklahoma anyway(“Oklahoma is OK!”) . Apparently if you half bury cars in the dirt people will stop to take pictures.

On a side note, there had been tornado warnings yesterday, and I was joined in my exploration by several carloads of storm chasers. Several NOAH vehicles were in the area too, driving around with their radar and sensors looking for twisters. Constant winds and crosswinds in 30mph + range made towing ‘Hilton’ the Airstream a bit more interesting than usual.

Alls’s well that ends well, it was steaks and adult libations at a KOA near Oklahoma City.